Home Recommend Products

  • square lotion bottle(suit for 3D print deco)
    QS2050( 30ML )

  • Jar with spatula embedded
    QS1007( 15ML )

  • Lotion bottle with Embedded shoulder
    QS2018G( 30ML 70ML 200ML )

  • both spray and lotion pump bottle
    Q7985E( 100ML )

  • wide-angle fine mist spray pump
    Q7985D( 110ML 130ML )

  • wide-angle fine mist spray pump
    Q7985C( 110ML 130ML )

  • Silicone sealed airless jar
    QS1025J( 30ML 50ML )

  • Precious needle shaped airless bottle
    QS3030E( 5ML )

  • Dome shaped cream jar
    QS1021( 50ML )

  • Dome shaped press lotion bottle
    QS2021( 30ML 50ML 100ML )

  • Large size PP jar
    Q7747F( 200ML 400ML )

  • Press-type needle bottle
    QS3030D( 30ML )

  • Double-walled cylinder AL cream jar
    Q7733( 5ML 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • Small Bulb Cream Jar
    QS1010( 50ML )

  • PETG lotion bottle with flat pump actuator
    Q7981B( 30ML 60ML 80ML 100ML )

  • Male's line
    QS1056( 30ML 50ML )

  • Male's line
    QS3056( 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • Cream jar with airless pump
    QS1025I( 30ML 50ML )

  • PP airless bottle which easy to carry
    QS3020J( 10ML 15ML 30ML )

  • Dual airless foundation bottle with brush
    QS3022C( 15ML 20ML )