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  • Cream jar with rounded bottom
    QS1070C( 30ML 50ML )

  • Cream jar with diamond cut cap
    QS1070D( 30ML 50ML )

  • Lotion bottle with Diamond cut cap
    QS2070D( 50ML 120ML )

  • Lotion bottle with screw cap
    QS2070C( 50ML 120ML )

  • Cream jar with Lamp shaped cap
    QS1101B( 8ML 15ML )

  • Jar with thin-walled acrylic outer
    Q7742S( 40ML )

  • Slim mini twist-on airless bottle
    QS3006E( 8ML 10ML 15ML )

  • Cream jar with diamond cap
    QS1118( 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • Lotion bottle with diamond cap
    QS2118( 15ML 30ML 50ML 80ML 120ML )

  • Invisible nozzle & twist airless bottle
    QS3006D( 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • Easy change bottle & rounded bottom
    QS3102( 30ML 50ML )

  • Polygonal cream jar
    QS1117( 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • Polygonal lotion bottle
    QS2117( 15ML 30ML 50ML 80ML 120ML )

  • Low-key luxury octagon cream jar
    QS1046C( 30ML 50ML )

  • Low-key luxury octagon lotion bottle
    QS2046C( 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • Environmental airless bottle for future
    QS3003L( 30ML 50ML )

  • Inner jar replaceable airless jar
    QS1025L( 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • High end and brushed dropper bottle
    QS2069G( 30ML )

  • PP environmental ampoule
    Q8020( 1.2ML+0.5ML 1.5ML 2ML )

  • Water needle essence bottle
    Q8021( 3ML )