NewsInnovation Distinction Goes to Bio-on's Microplastic Alternative

Innovation Distinction Goes to Bio-on's Microplastic Alternative


Minerv Bio Cosmetics (INCI: Not Available) features environm­entally friendly technology in the form of bioplastic microspheres for use across applications. Now, the Bio-on ingredient has been awarded the “Best Practices” distinction by Frost & Sullivan for new product innovation.


The biodegradable ingredient resembles a powder and is available in various sizes. Reportedly highly porous, the bioplastic microcapsules can be “loaded” with active ingredients to deliver benefits in cosmetic creams, mattifying powders, sunscreens and other cosmetics.


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The ingredient’s biodegradable properties—in both marine water and soil—distinguished it with Frost & Sullivan. The award recognizes that the bioplastics, “are a sustainable alternative to synthetic polymers for use in not only cosmetics, but also in the food, healthcare, packaging, and FMCG industries. Looking ahead, the PHAs could provide a potential solution for cancer treatment within the next few years,” according to a press release.


The winning microspheres were selected from the Bio-based Ingredients for the Cosmetics Industry category.