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  • Crown Exclusive Cream Jar
    Q7763C( 5ML 10ML )

  • PET Bottle with Trumpet Type Pump
    QS2019B( 125ML 150ML )

  • PET Bottle with Straight Round Cap
    Q7980E( 100ML 125ML 150ML )

  • Cylinder cream jar
    Q7742F( 50ML 100ML 200ML )

  • PP airless bottle
    QS3020C( 15ML 30ML )

  • Embedded airless pump
    QS3022A( 15ML 30ML 50ML 60ML )

  • "Wasp-waist" designed cream jar
    QS1108( 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • "Wasp-waist" designed lotion bottle
    QS2108( 30ML 50ML )

  • Classic cylinder-shaped airless bottle
    QS3010G( 40ML )

  • Flat "wineglass" shape jar
    QS1076B( 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • "wineglass" shape lotion bottle
    QS2073B( 30ML 50ML 100ML )

  • Bright luxury Diamond Jar
    QSD1048( 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • Unique arch-shape jar
    QSD1051( 15ML 30ML 50ML )

  • Bright luxury Diamond bottle
    QSD2048( 60ML 120ML )

  • Unique arch-shape lotion bottle
    QSD2051( 60ML 120ML )

  • Rounded shoulder Airless bottle
    QS3049B( 15ML 30ML )

  • Simple and light PP cream jar
    Q7742K( 300ML )

  • Simple and cylinder PET cream jar
    Q7742L( 150ML )

  • Bottle with water drop designed top cap
    QS2070B( 50ML 100ML )

  • Jar with water drop designed top cap
    QS1070B( 30ML 50ML )